Integrated Budget Coaching

I understand that concerns about money (or the lack thereof) are what first brought you here! Now I want to invite you to take a broader perspective — we will look at money as a resource to be intentionally deployed in order to build the life you want to live rather than an ever-moving goalpost and source of stress.

To be sure, money is an essential resource, and it is often a scarce one you might indeed need more of! Still, it is only one of the many resources you may access and harness today in pursuit of your vision. This is the critical insight I would like to share with you.

What you will learn

1. How to identify your needs and priorities

If you’ve already reflected on this, excellent! Most people haven’t, and most “financial education” out there glosses over this question — if they don’t neglect it altogether. This is the absolute place to begin — how would you even know what’s enough if you’re unaware of what you want?

2. How to make a global inventory of resources, skills, experiences, connections, uncertainties, . . .

As I said, money is just one of the many resources you may tap into. Even if you have relatively little capital, you might be pleasantly surprised by your latent abundance — resources that you may activate and deploy today to take the next step toward the life you want to live.

3. How to budget and track your resources

Once you know the direction you want to take and what you have on hand, it’s time to plan and get on with it. Because we will start with what you already have, you will be ready to begin executing your vision immediately.

4. How to track your alignment with your needs and priorities

You will know how to regularly review your targets, your actions, and their alignment. Your needs and priorities will not remain the same forever, whether because they were met, your circumstances changed, or you were mistaken about what you wanted earlier. Change is an active process.

How it works

It’s deceptively simple. Everything can be done online or in person, in English or Portuguese.

  • I will send you a couple of reflection exercises and a brief questionnaire to prepare for the call;

  • We will meet to process your reflection, clarify your circumstances, and answer your questions about me and my methods;

  • I will follow up with a proposal for continued work and some feedback that will be useful even if you decide not to hire me.

If you have questions before scheduling the call, please write to


“Thanks to Mika’s help with YNAB, we’ve started paying down debt while staying within budget, and bonus, we’re saving up towards financing projects in our new home instead of frittering money away. Mika is kind, straightforward, and very supportive.”

Juliet R (Michigan, USA)

Em seis meses, tinha quitado minhas dívidas com cartões de crédito e lojas de departamento, e já estava guardando pequenas quantias. Assim, sem nenhum excedente na minha renda mensal, e sem tampouco me privar de prazeres, pude desengavetar um sonho guardado há anos: uma faculdade! Comecei neste ano o curso de Tecnologia em Gestão Pública no SENAC. Obrigada, Mika!!

Valéria M (São Paulo, Brazil)